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Events targeting the pecan industry are held throughout the year and hosted by national and regional pecan organizations. For specific event information and details, or if you are interested in attending an event, please contact the organization for more information.

Any pecan growers or shellers interested in participating in U.S. Pecans events, please click here or send an email to [email protected]. You information will be added to our database of those wishing to participate in international events such as trade shows or trade missions.

Important Information

February 12, 2018

Import Tariffs in the Target Markets

One of the main constraints facing the pecan industry is tariffs. Tariffs on imported pecans exist in all five target markets, China, India, Turkey, Vietnam, and South Korea. A strategy to address these obstacles is an important and necessary component of any international marketing effort. Some successes in reducing tariffs have been achieved, notably in China and South Korea. In the other countries existing tariffs are high, although they don't appear to have affected the viability of the market in Turkey. In the other two markets, India and Vietnam, they are barriers to trade, though for different reasons....

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