Pecan Sizing Chart

Sizing Up Pecans

There are more than 1,000 varieties of pecans, many named for Native American Indian tribes. About 20 are in commercial use. The most common sizes are halves and pieces, but there are a number of other pecan products including pecan meal, flour and even oil.

Mammoth Halves

200-250 count per pound
440-550 per kg

Junior Mammoth Halves

251-300 count per pound
551-660 per kg

Jumbo Halves

301-350 count per pound
661-770 per kg

Extra Large Halves

351-450 count per pound
771-990 per kg

Large Halves

451-550 count per pound
991-1200 per kg

Medium Halves

551-650 count per pound
1201-1430 per kg

Topper Halves

651-800 count per pound
1431-1760 per kg

Mammoth Pieces

over 9/19” screen
over 14.3mm

Extra Large Pieces

Through 9/16” over 8/16”
Through 14.3mm over 12.7mm

Large Pieces

Through 8/16” over 6/16”
Through 12.7mm over 9.5mm

Large/Medium Pieces

Through 6/16” over 5/16”
Through 9.5mm over 7.9mm

Medium Pieces

Through 5/16” over 4/16”
Through 7.9mm over 6.4mm

Small Pieces

Through 4/16” over 3/16”
Through 6.4mm over 4.8mm

Midget Pieces

Through 3/16” over 2/16”
Through 4.8mm over 3.2mm


Through 2/16” over 1/16”
Through 3.2mm over 1.6mm


Through 1/16”
Through 1.6mm

Courtesy of the National Pecan Company

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