About Pecans

Pecan Suppliers

The U.S. is second-to none when it comes to growing and shipping the highest quality pecans to food service, retail and industrial companies around the world. Ultimately, it is about bringing the best pecans to your consumers and any of these U.S. suppliers will help you do just that.

pecan nuts in a rustic scoop against a grunge wood background

Pecan Sizes

Premium pecan halves are commercially-sold by size, much like shrimp. The larger the pecan half, the fewer there are in a pound.

How Pecans are Grown

Pecans are grown in groves or orchards of trees. Groves are groupings of trees that are grown naturally, while orchards are defined as groups of trees planted by humans. Trees in both settings are cared for by dedicated, experienced growers, and can live for many years.

Pecan walnuts on glass jar over wooden surface. Isolated over white background

Pecan Handling and Storage

Proper storage of pecans preserves the quality and maintains the natural flavor and aroma of the nuts. Pecans should be stored in airtight containers, such as sealed plastic bags, at low temperatures to extend storage life.