Pecans are healthy, versatile and delicious.

With a rich, buttery taste and a wide array of nutrition and health benefits, U.S. grown pecans are in high demand worldwide.
Worldwide Demand

The U.S. Pecan Growers Council (USPGC) designs international strategies and promotions intended to expand the export of U.S. pecans in global markets.

Global Pecan Supplier

The United States is by far the world’s leading producer of pecans. International demand continues to grow for healthy, versatile and delicious pecans.


In a Nutshell

80%of the world’s pecan supply is grown in the United States
15American states grow pecans commercially
5active priority export markets USPGC is currently operating in

Pecan Harvest

Pecans harvest season runs from September to as late as March depending on climate


Pecan Recipes

The rich, buttery flavor of pecans enhances a wide array of main dishes, appetizers & desserts


U.S. Pecans In Action